Pelicam Assured Delivery

Pelicam Assured Delivery



Pelicam provide project and programme assurance, co-sourcing and delivery services across the UK to a wide range of public and private sector organisations.
An expert in business transformational change, Pelicam is underpinned by new-world digital solutions and ensures agile and customer centric development with large scale transformational programmes and portfolios.
Helping others to succeed through shared learning is key for the Pelicam model. Working with clients to develop an assured path, establishing confidence and efficiency.

AssureStart: Support and assurance to enable robust mobilisation and give everyone confidence that projects and programmes are set up for success.

In-flight Assurance: Support along the change journey to ensure all significant risks are understood and navigated for success (and helping you build your abilities to take on future change challenges).

Rapid Response: Immediate support to address big challenges and assure delivery routes to success.

Pelicam Workshops: please see “promotions” for info on our workshops.